Company Profile

Diversifikator GmbH is a German based online portfolio strategist for “skeptic” investors. It can be categorized as a fintech, a hybrid or partially automated investment advisor, an eAssetmanager or as (the first German) robo-advisor with a B2B2C focus. The company supports an advisor-centric approach but is also open for self-directed investments.

The company currently offers 13 unique fully rules based “passive”, forecast and optimization-free, robust and transparent portfolios. The portfolios have been developed for online usage. The ETF portfolios are broadly diversified whereas the equity ESG portfolios are concentrated. Diversifikator enables a diversification by investment philosophy in relation to traditional discretionary and forecast-based quantitative investments.

Investors select portfolios based on a decision tree and not based on input/forecast- and model-sensitive “pseudo”-optimizations. Cash (not bond) allocations are recommended for individual risk reduction with no fee for the cash part. The fee is 1% p.a. (+tax), thereof 75% for client advisors. 50/50 portfolio/cash combinations therefore are priced at 0.5% p.a.. Diversifikator is based on trust and does not require end-user registration.

Diversifikator cooperates closely with QAP Analytic Solutions GmbH for quantitative analysis, ETF selection and web realization. In cooperation with an experienced standard-software house fully customized robo-advice solutions can be realized in English, French, Italian and Dutch.



Key Facts

  • German fintech with B2B2C focus, started in January 2016
  • Focus on „skeptic“ advisors and investors
  • 13 unique portfolios: „Most passive” world market portfolios with high shares of alternative equity ETFs, in- and excluding bonds or based on top rated ETFs only, Dividend oriented and Smart-Beta ETF-portfolios, an ESG/SRI ETF portfolio, an Islamic ETF portfolio and an Alternatives ETF portfolio, a German equity ESG portfolio, a global real estate ESG portfolio and a global infrastructure ESG portfolio
  • Portfolio risk reduction and individualization in combination with cash (not bonds)
  • Decision tree and not optimization based approach for individual portfolio selection
  • Independent of ETF providers and custodians (open platform)
  • High data protection: No required information from investors (no/small data approach)
  • Diversifikator does not require information from investors (small data approach)
  • Investor and advisor-friendly fee structure


Phone: +49 69 967 500 68