Company Profile

Diversifikator GmbH is a German based online portfolio strategist for “skeptic” investors and can be categorized as an eAssetmanager. The company has an advisor-centric approach but is also open for self-directed investments e.g. for test investments or small investors.

Diversifikator offers unique and fully rules based “passive” single and multi-asset, forecast- and optimization-free, robust and transparent portfolios. Diversifikator therefore enables a diversification by investment philosophy in relation to traditional discretionary and forecast-based quantitative investments.

The so-called “most-passive” portfolios are especially suited for online usage.

The ETF portfolios are broadly diversified whereas the equity ESG portfolios are concentrated. New (white label) portfolios can be developed for assets of one million Euro upwards.

Investors select portfolios based on decision rules and not based on input/forecast- and model-sensitive “pseudo”-optimizations. Cash (not bond) allocations are recommended for individual risk reduction with no fee for the cash part. The fee is 1% p.a. (+tax), thereof 75% for client advisors. 50/50 portfolio/cash combinations therefore are priced at 0.5% p.a.. Diversifikator is based on trust and does not require end-user registration.

Diversifikator cooperates closely with QAP Analytic Solutions GmbH for quantitative analysis, ETF selection and web realization.

In cooperation with an experienced international software provider, fully customized robo-advice solutions can be realized in English, French, Italian and Dutch.



Key Facts/USPs

  • German fintech with B2B2C focus, started in January 2016
  • Focus on „skeptic“ advisors and investors
  • Unique ETF- and ESG-portfolios
  • Portfolio risk reduction and individualization in combination with cash (not bonds)
  • Decision rule and not optimization based approach for individual portfolio selection
  • Independent of product providers, banks (open platform) and venture capitalists
  • High data protection: No required information from investors (no/small data approach)
  • Investor and advisor-friendly fee structure


Phone: +49 176 4596 9251